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Works Written / Created By Louis Southard:

Louis SOuthard's Terrifying Tales to Keep to Yourself (2022 / Zestworld)


In this twisted anthology collection, Louis explores the dark and disturbing depths of his psyche with the help of some the best artists working today. 


Each story varies from incredibly dark to hilarious to utterly ridiculous. The completed stories attached to the pitch are as followed:


  • Penny & the Mechanical Mr. Strawberry - a little girl and her robot guardian search for a toy in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

  • How To Seduce Commuting Women on the Train - a step-by-step guide on seduction goes awry when a wannabe playboy chooses the wrong victim.

  • The Mouse in the House - a fantastical critter is sent to amaze and delight a lonely man.

  • Do Skeletons Dream of Dead Sheep? - an everyday, average skeleton has a bad day at the office.

  • What We Find Where There is Nothing: An End Knight Adventure - a demon knight stares into the void and the void not only stares back, but retaliates.

Creative Team:

Writer / Creator: Louis Southard

Artists: Domenico Pagano, Raven Warner, Lane Lloyd, Maggie Vicknair, and Colleen Palmer

Colorist: Hugo Aquino

Letterer: Buddy Beaudoin

Cover Artist: Julianne Griepp

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Mouse In The House_008_009.jpg
End Knight_01_006_Lettered-01.jpg
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