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Works Written / Created By Louis Southard:

Midnight Western Theatre (2021 / SCOUT COMICS)

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Midnight Western Theatre is an anthology series of tales spanning across the turbulent 1860's of the United States of America.


It is a time where rights have been wronged! Where the guilty plague the innocent! Where man and beast have little difference! However, this new frontier has far more dangerous threats than the folly of man! Threats that are mysterious! Strange! Deadly! In such a chaotic era, who is brave enough to face these most dastardly beings?


Enter our heroes: the blackclad adventurer Ortensia Thomas and her right-hand man Alexander Wortham! Together, they must confront the monsters no one else can on this journey of blood, betrayal, and self-discovery!

Creative Team:

Louis Southard - Writer / Co-Creator

David Hahn - Artist / Co-Creator

Ryan Cody - Colorist

Buddy Beaudoin - Letterer

Kalman Andrasofszky - Cover Artist

Television Adaptation:

As first reported by DEADLINE, Scout Comics has partnered with Oren Segal's Management Production Entertainment (MPE) to develop Louis Southard's MIDNIGHT WESTERN THEATRE, which featured art by David Hahn. Kevin Carroll is attached to adapt. Scout, Segal and Carroll will produce.

"I was instantly drawn to the world of Midnight Western Theatre, with its razor-sharp wit and ingenious premise," Carroll said. "It blends the grittiness of a classic Spaghetti Western with the pulse-pounding elements of Gothic Horror. It's a big, expansive world, populated with creepy creatures and demonic cultists. And at its core, a charming, endearing, heartbreaking story of two friends who have each other's backs, no matter what."
“I never thought anything like this would ever happen to me or for my story, so I’m excited to see MWT in such good hands," Southard added.

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