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Who Is Louis Southard?

In 1999, Louis Southard was born in Denville, New Jersey. Graduating from Morris Knolls High School in 2018, Louis briefly attended New York University and was a member of its Global Campus Program where he studied abroad in Paris, France. 

Upon returning to the United States, Louis was a founder and member of various artist collectives located in Manhattan / Brooklyn, New York. During this time, he wrote and self-published his first novella, It is I, Doom: An Anxious Love Story (he is not very proud of it). He also worked as a freelance creative consultant.

In 2020, Louis broke into the comic book industry with his first series Villains Seeking Hero, which was digitally published by Action Lab Entertainment. It received very positive reception.

In 2021, he released his sophomore comic Midnight Western Theatre, published by Scout Comics and Entertainment. Midnight Western Theatre was a critical and commercial success as well as acquiring a TV optioning deal. 

In 2022, Louis partnered with digital comics platform Zestworld, leading to two original series being produced for the website. Those projects included a horror, anthology, graphic novel Louis Southard's Terrifying Tales to Keep to Yourself and a relaunch of Villains Seeking Hero.

In 2023, prequel / sequel Midnight Western Theatre: Witch Trial was published by Scout Comics and Entertainment. Meanwhile, Louis partnered with MASSIVE Publishing and Sumerian Comics to create The Blackout Bombshell, a three issue noir comedy.

In 2024, Louis teamed up with comics crowdfunding platform Zoop to create Comics Are Dying: The Comic - a satirical graphic novel documenting the history of the western comic book industry. Southard worked with over 100 artists on his team and the project funded in one day, making over double its intended campaign goal.


Nowadays, you can find Louis is working on a series of projects, attending comic conventions, and enjoying the peace and quiet.

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