Who Is Louis Southard?

Louis Southard was born in Denville, New Jersey. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Louis is the creative director of Southard Industries, a role in which he leads his creative teams for his various projects.


As a writer, Louis has created stories that range between poking fun at the crushing weight of mundanity and exploring the ludicrousness of the absurd. 

Currently, Louis is working on two comic book series and two unannounced projects.

In 2018, Louis would start "Midnight & A Half Creative." Eventually, it underwent a rebranding into "MH Creative Studios." Now, it currently thrives in its modern day form of "Southard Industries."Despite the changes, its goal has remained the same: to house a space of creative prosperity in any and all forms. Where creators of any sort may come together without fear of judgement or ruin. 

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