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Works Written / Created By Louis Southard:

Midnight Western Theatre

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Midnight Western Theatre is an anthology series of tales spanning across the turbulent 1860's of the United States of America.


It is a time where rights have been wronged! Where the guilty plague the innocent! Where man and beast have little difference! However, this new frontier has far more dangerous threats than the folly of man! Threats that are mysterious! Strange! Deadly! In such a chaotic era, who is brave enough to face these most dastardly beings?


Enter our heroes: the blackclad adventurer Ortensia Thomas and her right-hand man Alexander Wortham! Together, they must confront the monsters no one else can on this journey of blood, betrayal, and self-discovery!

Creative Team:

Louis Southard - Writer / Co-Creator

David Hahn - Artist / Co-Creator

Ryan Cody - Colorist

Buddy Beaudoin - Letterer

Kalman Andrasofszky - Cover Artist

Television Adaptation:

The success of the comic led to a one-time Scout Comics partnership with Oren Segal's Management Production Entertainment (MPE) to develop Louis Southard's MIDNIGHT WESTERN THEATRE, which featured art by David Hahn. Kevin Carroll was attached to adapt. Scout, Segal and Carroll were set to produce.

As of now, MIDNIGHT WESTERN THEATRE is not under any current multimedia adaptation.

Main Characters

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The Woman in Black
(Ortensia Thomas)

A deadly adventurer with a mysterious past, Ortensia is on a fervent mission to right wrongs in the American Wild West. The Woman in Black is a no-nonsense hunter of both the supernatural and all too human.

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Alexander Wortham
The Reluctant Vampire

A charming gentleman and a consummate coward, Alexander is the whiny right hand of the Woman in Black. But, make no mistake! He is as dangerous as he is incompetent. 

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